Our mission is “on every project to achieve time lines, budgets, quality and service”. Below are customer’s testimonials showing we stay true to our word.


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I visited your show home on the weekend and i just wanted to say that in my opinion it is the nicest one in the city…and i have seen them all. I don't know who your designer is but he/she is awesome.  When I am ready to buy I will certainly see what you have to offer before I go anywhere else. I hope whoever did this work will still be a part of your company! Wonderful!

- Mandy R.

We hired Zarkor to complete a mudroom addition on our house and to fix our leaking basement. As this was a large investment for us, we wanted to make sure the contractor we hired was reputable. I can honestly say I have been so impressed from the start on how Shaheen and his team at Zarkor handled themselves from the quote, to the design and to the final build. All the trades that came on site were friendly, professional and completed high quality work. We got exactly what we wanted and the prices came in at what we were quoted. Trent who managed our project was great at always keeping us informed about the project and responding to us in a timely way. I would not hesitate recommending Zarkor and will definitely use them again.

- Blair

When my brother and I started looking for a first home we spent weeks looking at houses around Regina without finding anything that seemed to work with what we wanted in a floor plan, features and price. We looked at existing homes, new construction and everything in between.

After meeting with Zarkor we were impressed first with the layout, quality and efficient design of their homes, secondly with their passion for their business and finally their understanding of the type of home we were looking to build. Shaheen and his team built us a home that gave us the floor plan and features we wanted all for an affordable price. The house has worked out so well that we have hired Zarkor to complete a second house!

- Tim and Scott A.

We recently purchased a home in Greens on Gardiner through Zarkor. This was our very first time purchasing a new home and we were, at first, quite nervous. We looked at many show homes but were not overly satisfied with the options.

Once we entered a Zarkor home, however, we knew this was the builder for us. Immediately we were impressed by the unique layout and the quality of workmanship. It was, by far the highest quality we encountered while searching for a new home. As soon as we contacted Zarkor, we were delighted with the customer service. We felt heard. Shaw was quick to respond to any and all questions we had. In addition to their accommodation, they provided quality service. When Shaw said he would meet us at the house at 11:00, he would be there by 10:55. As for the house, it was apparent that they took pride in their workmanship. The extras, such as the high quality granite, custom kitchen, colour-scheme, and heated floors added to the overall quality of our spacious new home.

Now that we are in our home, Zarkor continues to stay in contact and ensure our questions and any further needs are met. The sub trades that Zarkor uses are also exceptional. Overall the experience of buying a brand new home has been wonderful, and we attribute this to the exceptional quality service of Zarkor Homes. Thanks to Shaw, Jason, Shaheen, Yinka and the rest of the crew.

- Mike and Him Davis

Buying a house is never an easy thing to do. There is no plan or strategy that can evade the disasters you walk through, or the "almost had that one!" moments. Building a home has similar challenges, if not with more land-mines.

I recently built a home with Zarkor and it was not without its troubles and missteps. However as I settle into my new home I am happy with the results and the path it took to get here. I dealt with Shaw Chartrand, a down to earth guy who was always quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.

I was easily able to contact and speak with contractors, and coordinate with Zarkor to ensure my changes or choices were feasible. Very few times did we have to speak more than once concerning changes. They took it upon themselves to talk to the contractors and take it from there.

I want to express my gratitude to Jason and Andrew for helping me during the changes we made to the home, even if it changed from one week to the next. They were always extremely approachable and understanding. They gave advice and tips for new home owners and had no problem making changes no matter how "late." Another tip-of-the-hat goes to Lindsay who came in afterwards to help with some minor repairs once I was in the home. Not only did he help me with those but went the extra mile to fix my table that had been damaged in the move. Great customer service.

Building isn't easy. Dates are moved, miscommunication happens and mistakes must be corrected. No one is perfect, but If I had a problem it was dealt with promptly and with courtesy. I am grateful for their help before, during and after I have my home.

Thank you once again,

- Juan S.